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Classic Knot Designs
Double Happiness
On his wedding day, Wang Anshi received the good news that he had passed the Imperial Examinations as the number one scholar. He felt so happy that he added another "xi" beside the first one, thus he created the "double happiness" symbol.
It has been used to celebrate weddings ever since.
The knot consists of two sets of fifteen cloverleaf knots.

This knot is based on the Chinese character meaning longevity. Its message is "May you live a long life" and the character is used on birthday cards, cakes and presents.
It is made up of four two-loop cloverleaf knots and five three-loop cloverleaf knots.
Stone Chime
The stone chime is an ancient L shaped Chinese percussion instrument, made of stone or jade. It is indispensable in Confucian music. It is made up of two long pan chang knots woven together.
Ju I knot
The Ju I is a sceptre, a symbol of power. It is carried by royalty on ceremonial occasions. The decorative motif is similar to a Taoist motif signifying immortality. The name Ju I means "everything according to your heart's desire".
It is made up of four cloverleaf knots.
Four Directions
The Heavens show their four-foldness by the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Earth shows it by the four directions: North, South East and West, and mankind shows it by its four states of life, death, man and woman.
It is made of four pan chang knots and button knots.
Fish knot
The word for fish has the same sound as the word for plentiful. The Chinese say that a happy marriage can be described as "feeling like a fish in water". The knot is made up of a double connection knot, and a pan chang knot.
Dragonflies are known as "Dragon's grandchildren" as they are believed to emerge from the cast-off skin of a dragon. Chinese people believe that harming or trapping a dragonfly brings illness. Dragonflies have long been admired for their lacy wings and capricious flight.
The knot consists of a double button knot, a virtue knot and a series of flat knots.
Double Diamond
The double diamond is a woman's traditional hair ornament which has been used in China for centuries. It can be made from embroidery or knotting. Often a prized piece of jade or an embroidered sachet was hung from the double diamond knot.
It is made up of a stone chime knot and a large pan chang knot linked together.

The snail is often depicted as a crown on Buddha's head. When he was sitting in the sun, meditating, the snails shielded his head from the sun as they were grateful for all he had done for the world.
The snail is made from a coiled snake knot.

The butterfly loves to be with flowers for their nectar, so it is often associated with love and happy marriage. It is also a symbol of longevity as the sound of its name is almost the same as "an old person" in Chinese.
The knot is made up of a pan chang knot with double coin knots within its wings.

Brocade Ball
In ancient times, throwing a brocade ball into the midst of a group of young admirers used to help a young lady choose a husband, the one who caught it was the lucky one.
It is composed of five cloverleaf knots.

Ten Accord
This easy knot symbolises all of the things that the Chinese believe make up the good life. Manifold returns from a single investment, two hearts living together in harmony, passing civil examinations with flying colours, peace throughout the four seasons, a bountiful harvest, vigorous spring growth, seven successful sons, a long life, nine generations under one roof, and complete prosperity.
It is made up of five double coin knots.

The pheonix, a mythical bird, is believed to have been born in the South, in a mountain valley facing the sun. It symbolises the sun and warmth. It is often seen as the female counterpart of the essentially male dragon, and the two together symbolise the ideal marriage. Pictures of them are often given at weddings.
The knot is made up of a cloverleaf knot, a small pan chang and a large pan chang knot. The loops are made into head plumes, wings and tail feathers.

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